An Interview with Ali Liebegott, Author of “Cha-Ching!” and “The Beautifully Worthless”

Last week, author Ali Liebegott came into City Lights to chat with City Lights Publicity Associate, Jolene Torr, about her newest books Cha-Ching! and The Beautifully Worthless (both published by City Lights/Sister Spit).

Cha-Ching! is the story of Theo, our scruffy, big-hearted and quick-witted heroine, who is not so much down on her luck as delivered luckless into a culture where the winners and losers have already been decided. Her adventures in getting over take her from SF to NYC, from dyke bars to telemarketing outfits, casinos to free clinics. With the signature poet’s voice that has won her awards and acclaim, Liebegott investigates the conjoined hearts of hope and addiction in an unforgettable story of what it means to be young and broke in America.

Andrew Codrescu, author of So Recently Rent a World: New and Selected Poems, compared Liebegott’s writing to Dostoyevsky and her main character to On the Road’s Dean Moriarty when he said, “In the game of American-life-on-the-go hopscotch, Ali Liebegott’s heroine Theo just jumped a square ahead of Dean Moriarty. . . . The author’s fine writing about gambling is as good as I ever read, including Dostoevski’s and the Barthelme Bros. In the end, love, in whatever twisted, pallid form, a love that has little to do with sexuality, is the only answer. . . .Wonderful book.”

In Ali Liebegott’s award-winning road story, The Beautifully Worthless, a runaway waitress leaves her lover, grabs her dog and hits the highway. Liebegott maps her travels in a series of hilarious and heartbreaking letters to the girl she left behind, and some of the most exquisite poetry written about love, heartache and madness.

The winner of the 2005 Lambda Literary Award for Debut Lesbian Fiction, The Beautifully Worthless is back in print and now available from City Lights/Sister Spit!

Join us next week as we celebrate with Ali Liebegott, the publication of Cha-Ching! and the return of The Beautifully Worthless. Wednesday, March 27th, 7pm at City Lights Bookstore.