Walter Hopps & Bruce Conner Tribute Event

Dream Colonies, Painterlands, and the Intersection of Curating with Creation: Bruce Conner meets Walter Hopps.

Anastasia Aukeman, author of Welcome to Painterland: Bruce Conner and the Rat Bastard Protective Association meets Deborah Treisman, co-author with Walter Hopps and Anne Doran of The Dream Colony: A Life in Art. They will explore two enigmatic and influential figures in the world of art and how their work intersected via art creation and curation. City Lights’ very own Paul Yamazaki moderates an evening of discussion that traverses the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and national art scenes. Mid-century San Francisco artist Bruce Conner and legendary arts curator Walter Hopps walked in familiar worlds. The Rat Bastard Protective Association intersected with Wallace Berman’s Semina Scene of which Hopps was a supporter (and integral part of) via the Ferus Gallery. Through following the threads that connected artists with each other and the gallery scenes that supported them, we hope to show the rich history that California mid-century artists and curators shared.