Yokohama Threeway: An Interview with Beth Lisick

Writer, performer and independent film actress, Beth Lisick has made a career of opening her life to her readers in all of its messy, smart hilarity, but the stories in Yokohama Threeway and Other Small Shames don’t usually find their way into a memoir. With her trademark humor and sly intelligence, writing in short flashes the way these episodes tend to pop up in memory, Lisick recounts her most embarrassing moments with gusto. The results is a candid and wickedly funny collection of everyday mortification.

Here she is chatting with City Lights staffer Jolene Torr about the bad judgments and free-floating regrets that keep her up at night, and why she’s okay with writing about what most people would rather forget than relive.

And catch Beth on her Walk of Shame through Portland, San Francisco, and New York. Tour dates +times here!




No shame in their game — these folks love Yokohama Threeway!

“. . . a strangely touching and engaging portrait of the artist as a young screwup.”—Booklist

“. . . the ultimate joyride for those of us who enjoy cringe-worthy embarrassment, genuine pathos, and an overdosing amount of schadenfreude.”—Michael Ian Black

“This book is fucking great.”—Kathleen Hanna

“. . . a laugh-out-loud series of short, revelatory confessions propelled by curiosity and an acute desire to experience the world. . . . Lisick does it with aplomb and even exuberance.”—SF Weekly

“I laughed and cringed and cared more and more. Thank you, Beth Lisick, it was and continues to be worth all the struggles.”—Matthew Zapruder

“Speaking as someone who hates everything, I love this book.”—James Greer

“. . . hilarious, heartbreaking, compassionate, pitch perfect, utterly original.”—Joyce Maynard

“Lisick’s writing reminds us how simultaneously wonderful and terrible it is to be alive.”—Kim Wong Keltner